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Simplified Security Management

“If your current security strategy is a patchwork of different services from multiple vendors, it may be putting too much strain on your team to manage. Our cyber security solution can cover all of your security needs for a more centralized management of threats. And, we will take care of the

deployment, management and monitoring for you—saving you precious time and money.”

Meet Compliance Standards

“If you’re in the healthcare or financial services sector, maintaining compliance is vital to staying in operation you need to work with an IT provider who understands HIPAA regulations and PCI security standards. Our security solution can help you demonstrate compliance and adhere to regulatory requirements, taking the stress out of the strict protocols, policies and procedures you need to follow.”

Advanced Protection and Prevention

“Foundational security tools are no longer sufficient to respond to today’s rapidly evolving and hyper-targeted malware, ransomware and other cyber threats. Your business needs an advanced security solution that provides more complete and holistic protection. last watch

security solution has the ability to patch vulnerabilities with multi-layered protection, identify

malicious activity in your IT environment, remediate any major issues and enhance your business’

security posture.”

Stay Ahead of Threats

“Small business like yourself are now the primary target of cyber attacks. What’s worse, these attacks have become more and more sophisticated—enough to bypass your most basic security defenses. Luckily 3N1 IT Consultants cyber security solution offers advanced threat

technology to identify malicious activity, provide visibility into security gaps, and allow you to stay steps ahead of the attacks, criminals and viruses that are posing a threat to your business.

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