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3N1 IT Consultants Work From Home Services

Cloud Work-space As a Service |  Work  Securely From any Place that has an Internet Connection

A Cloud  Solution that works for any sized business

From 5 computers to 100 computers, we have a cloud solution that fits your business— Designed with security and data protection in mind. Our solution can improve productivity by having your employees work from any place they have an internet connection.  e design your cloud network according to your business.  o not wait another day. Call us and set an appointment to talk about your personalized cloud network.

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Voice over IP Phone Services 

Unified communications, you just take your phone from the office and plug it into an internet connection at home and it rings directly to you, never miss a call. plenty of options available, like forwarding all your calls to your cell phone. Apps for phones that connect you to all your clients and are easy to use make your life easier. Video conferencing is included with most options, now you can meet with your clients where they are at the convenient time you pick.

We have plenty of options to fit all types of business, From a one-person office to an office of 50 or more employees. don't get left behind when it comes to your business.

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Secure your home Computers 

Are kids playing games? Everyone is streaming movies, and you have to work from home. Work computers are usually protected with quality endpoint protection.

3N1 IT Can secure your home computers just like your work computers. Our Crusader Protection packages can keep you safe from all the different viruses and malware so you can enjoy virus-free computing from Home. We can also get your home WIFI working so you can have all your devices from every end of the house connected and everyone happy, Including your boss.

One Low Monthly Fee Provides All your infrastructure

Call 561-449-2045 to Schedule a talk today

cloud security compting

Work Securely From Anywhere

In today's work environment it is important that your employees have access to their desktops securely from any location. Cloud Desktops are secure and your are able to work from home .

Security Shield

Secure Your Work From Home 

Crusader Last watch endpoint Protection can secure your home computer to keep you virus and Hacker free

Voice over IP

Voice Over IP Phone Service

Your employees can work from any location during a disaster , you never have to sacrifice profits to ensure employee safety  Just plug your phone in to an internet connection and you have your business phone at home

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