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HIPPA Compliance As a Service | One Low Monthly Fee covers the entire office

We Simplify Compliance So you can Focus on Business

The Guard is Everything you need in Once place. You are assigned your personal Coach for your business and a phone number to call any time with any questions. Our Partner: Compliancy Group offers the Total Solution.  Audits, Remediation . Policies procedures and training. Document version, employee attestation and Tracking. Business associates management.  Once you complete the process your will get the Compliancey Group Seal of compliance for your website.  At any time any one of your patients can check to see you are HIPPA compliant.  Compliancey Group has never had a client fail an audit. They are with you every step of the way, providing all the necessary documentation needed to pass the audit.

Do not end up on the lists of shame as an organization that Failed a HIPPA Audit

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Hippaa Violation

Why 3N1 IT Partners with Compliancy Goup

Can not answer yes to any of the following questions you

are at risk of failing a HIPAA Audit.

1 Have you Conducted the following  six Annual Assessments? Security risk, Asset & devices, physical site, Security Standards , and HITECH Subtitle D audit.

2  Have you documented all Deficiencies ?

3 Have you crease remediation plan to address deficiencies.

4  Have all of your staff members undergone annual HIPAA training?

5   Do  you have documented proof they employees have their training ?

6 Are all of your HIPAA polices and procedures up to date and attested to ?

7 Have you had all of our Vendors and Business Associated  signed their agreements?

Have no Clue we can keep track of it all for you

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Download our FREE HIPPA Compliance Checklist here
Hipaa Regulations

HIPAA Required Risk Assessments

Technical Assessment:  164.308 Requires an audit in the form of an itemized inventory of devices that CONNECTS to patient information: Including cloud based EMR sites.

Physical site Audit:  164.308 Requires that each physical location where patient information is being stored or worked on , must conduct an audit that identifies risks exposure of that information.

Administrative audits:  164.502 Requires and Privacy Standards audit to ensure that you have policies covering  HIPAA Privacy. Security Standard Audits and A Breach notification Audit.  These Audits involve policy and procedures that are in place to insure privacy and to insure you have a plan of action in place when a breach happens.

We manage this process  all the proper forms are already prepared and stored and collected in one place on line, in the event of an audit ,  CG will provide you with all of the need documentation to prove your compliance.

Compliancy Group has never had a client fail an audit.

HIPAA is about a "Good faith Effort" Do not be the next to be Fined. Average fines Start at  $1.500,000.

One Low Monthly Fee Covering up to 25 employees

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Download our FREE HIPPA Compliance Checklist here
Hipaa Risk Assssment
phone robot

Lost Smart device

IT Firm in Philadelphia fined - Incomplete Risk Assessment and Failure to  have policies /procedures

computer user

Lost Laptop

Oregon Health & Science

No Six Risk Analysis

Failure to have updated Policies

robot Doctor

Malware infected Computers

Alaska Non Profit Org

Failure to have updated Policies and Proeedures