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Protecting Your Business with Network Monitoring And Management 

Preliminary  Consultation

Let 3N1 Consultants come in and run a network audit. we can point out what is needed to keep you secure.  Compliance may be an issue , we can consult and help with compliance issues. Event monitoring , we can monitor your network for suspicious activity and prevent breaches before they happen. We off-load IT teams from
configuring, tuning, and patching SIEMs. With  dedicated concierge security engineer and SOC-as-a-Service
we work with your team on understanding your environment and what is most important to you and establish customized escalation procedures to facilitate
effective communication.

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Event monitoring and Threat management

Networks can be complex and have many devices attached to the network. a company can have millions of events to go through , how do you know what is important and what is not important.  We sit with you and your IT department and design a template , based on security.  We monitor and  base on policy you get the most important events that  are generated , so you can respond to any activity that may be suspicious.  This keeps you on top of the important events and ahead of the employee or hacker that may be stealing your data..   Call today  for a Consultation 561-449-2045

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Support and Answers you can Trust

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) is a team of dedicated security analysts who detect and analyze advanced attack patterns and alert clients of these malicious threats as soon as they are identified.
These highly trained analysts will quickly set up and integrate into any existing network environment. We work with your team on understanding your environment and what is most important to you and establish customized escalation procedures to facilitate effective communication.

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