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3N1 IT Consultants Services

Cyber Security Protect and Defend

Crusader Protect and Defend Service

We use next Gen Endpoint protection with machine learning (AI). Once a detection is made, the endpoint determines what threat were are dealing with. If we have a threat, it is quarantined.   A threat forensics report is generated, and The endpoint logs the report. The Report shows what files were affected and if the breach was communicated to the internet. You have all the info you need to know how far the attack went and what was affected. The endpoint will automatically take corrective action

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Protect form Virus

Crusader Protect, Defend, and Remediate Service

Our next Gen Product and SOC service can react in real time, saving you time and agony from being compromised and having to pay the ransom. Last Watch AV service adds remediation to the equation. We now stop the virus, and our SOC can fix any damaged files and any damage done by the virus if it bypasses and does any damage. Now you do not have to worry between our SOC and the guarantee from Last watch AV powered by Sentinel One, which offers a 1 million dollar Guarantee. Call now so we can discuss the guarantee and get you protected today.                                561-449-2045

Crusader Protect and defend

Breach monitoring and Threat management

Networks can be complex and have many devices attached to their web. A company can have millions of processes; how do you know what is essential and what is not? We hunt down the process the hackers use and stay one step ahead, shutting the door, so you are not exposed. This keeps you on top of critical events and ahead of the employee or hacker stealing your data.

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Last Watch Anti Virus
Powered by Sentinel One


Please Watch the Video on how the Next-Gen Endpoint works

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