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3N1 IT Consultants Crusader Breach Prevention Service

Powered by Huntress Breach Prevention endpoint~Securing  your Data 24/7

Active Threat Hunting a Different Approach

Each week, headlines highlight massive data breaches.
The one thing they all have in common is the victims’
dependency on the same old layers of security. We
chose to fight back and invented a proactive  approach called Managed Detection and Response

                               Why Does it Work?
Modern antivirus programs primarily detect malicious
applications and behaviors using patterns, called
heuristics and signatures, to identify known viruses.
But in a threat landscape that is constantly evolving,
does this strategy work? It does…to a point. This
is where Managed Detection and Response come in.
Our industry-leading threat-hunting solution
complements your existing security stack to identify new
and old footholds missed by antivirus, regardless of how
your computers were compromised.

Haking Detected

Hunt Hackers Down Why Detection & Response

Traditional enterprise security products focus on keeping hackers out. But what happens when someone breaks through? In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, security experts encourage organizations to assume that a compromise has already occurred. That’s where Huntress comes in. Developed by ex-NSA hackers, our Managed Detection and Response service augments your security stack by proactively seeking out potential footholds and persistence methods.
The process is simple. First, our lightweight endpoint agent will gather data and submit it to our cloud for analysis. From there, our highly skilled team and algorithms will review the data to identify potential threats. 
If a breach is detected, we’ll provide your IT Staff with an actionable report and step-by-step instructions to remediate the threat. The best part? Your team won’t need any specialized (and costly) training.

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Haking Keyboard

Huntress makes hackers earn every inch of their within the networks we protect

                        COLLECTION ANALYSIS
Once we receive the data, our analysis engine and threat operations team uses file reputation, frequency analysis, and machine learning to hunt and investigate suspicious footholds quickly. When a threat is detected, Huntress
delivers more than an alert. Your IT Staff receives step-by-step recommendations to prioritize the threat, remediate the incident, and address the root cause.
Our endpoint agent collects a new indicator called “persistence mechanisms” from desktops, laptops, and servers. This data is then sent to our cloud-based
analysis engine for deep inspection. Worried about productivity or information privacy? Don’t be. The agent’s lightweight design ensures your users won’t notice that Huntress is constantly monitoring. As for your data, it’s all encrypted—in transit and at rest.

types of virus

Defense Reimagined 

There’s no getting around it: cyber attackers are growing increasingly sophisticated in their tactics. From web apps and operating systems to hardware and human error, today’s hackers leave no potential vulnerability unchecked. But that’s why you have antivirus, right? Not so fast. If recent headlines have taught us anything, it’s this: A determined hacker can bypass even the most robust security program. So what should an organization do? The answer is simple: layer your defenses to address the gaps in your strategy.

Defense in Depth

Developed by former NSA cyber warfare operators, our managed detection and response service represents a new layer in the security stack. Combining automated collection tools with expert analysis, our team actively hunts down threats that may have slipped past other layers of protection. On a daily basis, this new approach uncovers hackers abusing trusted applications and built-in Windows features to evade defenses for months

Advanced Protection and Prevention

Designed to complement your existing security
strategy, Huntress analyzes the overlooked
methods attackers use to persist within your
network. Our managed detection and response
service allows you to address these gaps, stopping advanced threats and cutting-edge malware in their tracks. This defense-in-depth model reduces time to detection and provides more comprehensive protection for your organization’s IT assets.

Stay Ahead of Threats

“Small businesses like yours are now the primary target of cyber attacks. What’s worse, these attacks have become more and more sophisticated—enough to bypass your most basic security defenses. Luckily 3N1 IT Consultants' cyber security solution offers advanced threat technology to identify malicious activity, provide visibility into security gaps, and allow you to stay steps ahead of the attacks, criminals, and viruses that are posing a threat to your business. Huntress Breach  Prevention Security can be added to your existing protection to add another layer of protections

Breach Detection
Add Another Layer
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