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3N1 IT Consultants Crusader Web Filtering

Web Filtering As a Service |  Secure your Workforce and keep your data from prying Eyes

A Better Way To Secure Your Busines 

As a Service provider, we understand that no one wants the cost, hassle, and possible reputational damage of a security breach. To that end, we are always looking for better ways to protect your business. Today over 90% of security threats originate from the web. With workers on the move and working from home, using multiple devices, protecting a company is becoming more challenging. We use a proxy-based system with endpoint protection and machine learning to fill the gap. Call for more information. 

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The Internet is Challenging to Secure

The Challenge today is may Dns based products offer an all ord none level of blocking. Our filtering lets employees have access to some parts of a site or system while others are blocked.  Maintaining security systems can be time-consuming and disruptive. Our endpoint filtering can add new employees seamlessly and update without disrupting productivity. Criminals are continually adapting and exploiting new ways to cause trouble. Our AI is always on the job and it gets smarter with each user. Any discoveries and improvements are shared across the network.  Crusader's web filtering model represents a new and improved approach to front-line security.

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Understanding Proxy-Based Web Protection

Once protected, web traffic called to the device is first filtered through a proxy server that can be customized to allow specific traffic while blocking others. Filtering happens at the data level, which means you can block portions of a website or service while still allowing access to other parts. This approach differs from traditional DNS-level blocking, which allows or prevents traffic from an entire source and is often too heavy-handed. DNS also relies on a website's reputation and will not scan websites commonly known to be safe. However, with today's cybersecurity environment, all websites are subject to being compromised through multiple means, such as malvertising or hostile takeover. 3N1 Crusader Web has a "zero trust" security model built into its core, scanning every page regardless of its reputation.

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Block Malware

3N1 Crusader Web learns with each installation and site that is scanned, and as novel attempts to breach security are made and blocked, 3N1 Crusader Web passes what is learned on to all other protected users.


Full Visibility

Behind the scenes, the 3N1 Crusader Web system filters and monitors traffic 24/7/365, logging all activity which can be made available through reports that we can generate individually or on timed intervals

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SSL Inspection and
Content filtering

3N1 Crusader Web system analyzes all data coming from the web on every page view - even opening SSL encryption where malicious code is sometimes hidden. All traffic is monitored for malware, spyware, and other viruses before being forwarded on to the device.

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