3N1 IT Consultants Services

Crusader Last Watch Levels of Services

Basic Crusader Enpoint Package

This package includes our Basic level of Antivirus.  This Business class antivirus will run scans every day, quarantine all threats that are found.This package  Includes basic protection against main stream threats. This AV protection package will not stop or remediate any of the encryption /ransomware.  The client manages clean up and remediation of all virus activity. 3n1 IT Consultants will charge time and materials for service on this product. we recommend having an online backup for business critical documents .  please inquire at time of purchase for online backup pricing.

Priced per month per computer or annually Per Computer for Basic Protection

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Crusader Last Watch Next Gen Endpoint Pro Protection

This Package include our Next Gen Endpoint Protection.

The state of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, monitors your computer for abnormal behavior and stops viruses in their tracks. Once it identifies the issue it will quarantine the item and remediate any damaged files. All this happens behind the scenes so you can be productive. Once the virus or ransomware is cleaned a root cause analysis report is generated.  This gives you all the information on the who, what, where, and how of the out break.  Included with the service is patch management of the operating system and third party applications.  We manage the Antivirus and you pay nothing for us to clean up nay infections that get through and infect the system

Priced per month per computer or annually Per Computer For Pro Protection

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Crusader Last Watch Next Gen Endpoint Pro Plus Protection

Our Elite Next Gen Endpoint Protection is powered by Sentinel One technology. the same technology that protects major fortune 500 companies and is used to protect the computers used on the stock exchanges.  What makes the Elites service stand out  from our competitors, is we use a Software Operation Center to look at each infection. Yes a human technician looks at the infection and makes the determination on weather the file is a virus or a false positive.  Next the soc center determines what damage has been done and fixes any damaged files.  As a Customer you will receive a comprehensive root cause analysis of how the virus got into your system and what files where affected. You are backed by a $1m guarantee  that will step in and fix your computer if damaged. The service includes patch management and will keep your computer up to date with all security patches.

Priced Per computer per month or annually Per Computer For Our Pro Plus Protection

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Add Breach Detection and Mitigation To Your Existing AV Product

If you already have AV that you are paying for and may have under contract. We can add Breach Detection and Mitigation to your existing endpoint protection.

We can add a layer that will go beyond your current protection that will catch and prevent what your AV cannot catch!