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Cyber Warranty Protection

Cyber attacks and insurance rates are overwhelming, and coverages are declining. With the high rate, most small businesses choose not to carry insurance. 3N1 IT Consultants has teamed up with Cork llc to Bring Small businesses a unique opportunity to obtain supplemental Cyber Coverage through our Cyber Warranty

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Cyber Trends for 2024

Protect your Business Now , Do not be the next company to have a breach and get stuck with thousands of dollars of Bills and a bad reputation. get a layer of protection  and safeguard  your business today as its not if you get hacked but when will you have a breach

Cyber Warranty VS Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance provides financial coverage for losses due to cyber incidents, while a cyber warranty guarantees the security of a product or service for a specific period, offering compensation for related issues. Unlike insurance, warranties focus on product security and may offer faster claim processing. Together, they complement each other in providing comprehensive cybersecurity protection for businesses like yours.


Crusader Protect Pro

Requirements are the same as Protect Plus but include business interruption, Incident response assistance, and Data Recovery service.  What are you waiting for call us today to get started with your coverage. Don't get left holding the bag; we are ready to answer any question you may have.


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Crusader Protect Plus

You will need to have our Basic protection package for each machine in you company That package runs $39.00 per computer. Includes Next Gen monitoring and email protection and Two factor authentication. protection for peace of mind Warranty for any mishaps $100,000.00 annual limit

Additional Information

  • Can be used as a complete standalone offering or a complementary gap coverage to an existing cyber insurance policy

  • Instant fund access and $0 deductible

  • Cover gift card fraud from traditional email phishing and Smishing (SMS Phishing)

  • Wire / ACH transfer losses (social engineering losses) and ransom payment reimbursement.

  • Enables 3N! to mitigate, prevent and control the spread of Ransomware and business email compromises.

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