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Eco-Friendliness: The Next Trend in Tech?


Green business practices are growing more and more popular as customers increasingly prioritize environmentalism in their personal lives. Climate change is a continuing issue and people are frequently looking for ways to reduce their wastefulness in their personal life. As a result, they’re also being more discerning about where to spend their money and choosing to financially back businesses that share similar morals and values to them. It’s not just about supporting the brands they like: People will vocally boycott wasteful companies and practices that harm the earth. Even when it comes to things like corporate travel, people are using planes less often unless it’s absolutely necessary because of the harm that flying does to the earth.

After considering this trend, it follows that the information security industry would get on board with eco-friendliness, too. They’re supplying to companies who demand it and customers who require transparent green efforts, too. Innovative industries like tech are always focused on providing the best solutions to whatever problems people need help with today.

The Tools Your Business Needs

I.T. professionals have been hard at work designing state-of-the-art technology capable of meeting a modern business’s needs. We’ve made great advances in the past decade, ranging from reducing greenhouse emissions and carbon footprints to the development of cleantech.

Cleantech, referring to clean technology, encompasses the systems and resources used in the pursuit of environmentalism. More and more businesses are turning to cleantech solutions to make their company more green. These methods include:

  1. Green energy sources

  2. Renewable energy

  3. Recycling where possible

  4. Efficient water systems

  5. Plastic substitutes

  6. Reduced carbon footprints

What makes technological advancement in this area so important? Automation and digitization has heavily affected how much energy we use in our day-to-day business, for the better. Manual jobs are prone to waste and human error. Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand, so digitization is critical to many green systems by nature.

Think of how much energy traditional technology uses. Take cryptocurrency for example: Bitcoin alone uses up enough electricity as to surpass the annual output of many states, and plenty of countries too. The more our collective energy usage increases, the more consumers are pushing to find eco-friendly alternatives to outdated, wasteful systems.

The Rise of Green Technology

The market for these alternative solutions is on the lookout for what demands, expectations and trends will influence progress moving forward. Multiple bills are being passed or debated regarding clean energy and capable technology. In the next five years, the cleantech industry is expected to grow by over $400B. That bodes well for the kind of research and development that will hence be possible.

Despite this, many businesses remain concerned about how to keep drawing in modern, green consumers. Will the technological developments that these companies have invested so much time and energy into meet their needs? Growing concern over environmentally harmful practices around the world notwithstanding, businesses still need the capital to implement mass changes and update their internal systems. Even as better and more advanced technology gets invented, it still needs to be advertised and distributed all around the world so as to become available and commonplace. The general interest in cleantech, however, bodes well for environmentally-friendly tech in 2022.

Modern Green Technologies

Progress toward eco-friendly technology is already well underway. AI and IoT services, like cellular, reduce costs and carbon emissions by optimizing every part of the business world. From travel to manufacturing to communication, these developments make business faster, smarter and more accurate. This gives companies a wide range of options to choose from when they’re looking to reduce their carbon footprint and appeal to a broader audience, which is good news. Just a few changes to your daily operations can add up to make a huge difference, particularly when you highlight these efforts in your advertising to that target audience.

As more consumers get on board with green technology, they will continue to be followed thereafter by the companies trying to capture (and hold) their attention. As such, this kind of innovation will continue. Technology is always growing to meet modern needs and break new barriers.


As evidenced by the way that cleantech spread, eco-conscious inventions and developments will only infiltrate technology further as more companies try to appeal to the same rising concern amongst consumers. Who can predict how many changes it will undergo in the next fifty years or what eco-friendly technology will look like then?


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