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What is 3N1 Email Protection?

Traditionally, email is the most challenging component to secure in a company’s IT infrastructure. The good news? If you got to this page by clicking a banner in your email, your company has implemented 3N1 IT Consultants Email Protection!

We’re making email threat detection easier. V uses AI to identify risky emails and places the following banners at the top of your email to let you know how much caution to take:

Gray: The email does not appear to be malicious, phishing, or spam.

3N1 IT Consultants Email Protection Email Protection also notifies you if the sender is within your company (Internal) or outside your domain (External).

Yellow: The email is suspicious: it could be spam, phishing, or contain malicious content. You should be extraordinarily careful about clicking on links or opening any attachments.

Red: The email is confirmed to be spam, phishing, or contain malicious content and can be deleted

Do not click links, open attachments, or reply to the sender with any confidential or personal information.

Aside from these banners, your email is not altered in any way, so formatting and other features appear exactly the same as before. If you think 3N1 IT Consultants Email Protection isn’t accurately reporting email risks of an email, click the “report email” link below the banner and let us know why. This improves our algorithm and transforms YOU, the user, into a part of the security team.


3N1 IT Consultants Email Protection doesn’t replace standard security awareness.

While it can make your company safer, 3N1 IT Consultants Email Protection is only one tool in the fight against spam, phishing, and malicious emails. Always remember your Security Awareness Training and apply it to every email you receive. 3N1 IT Consultants Email Protection cuts through the clutter, making it easier to determine if an email is safe or dangerous: it’s a great resource when paired with your security awareness.

For additional information about 3N1 IT Consultants Email Protection, visit our Frequently Ask Questions

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