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Attention WhatsApp Users! Better Security Is Coming


Good news for people who use WhatsApp: Developers are about to drop an update that will make the app much more secure. WhatsApp has over 2B active users around the world, and it’s a popular app for cross-country communications. The new features will

Now, news has broken that the next update to WhatsApp will include new features including login approval to keep cybercriminals out.

WhatsApp to Start Login Approvals

This is aimed to keep your messages private and your data hidden from unauthorized eyes. The update will instigate alerts within the app when someone tries to log into your account, including the time and date of the attempt and the phone or device they’re using. You can then decide to approve or deny the request. If you want to see your WhatsApp messages on a different screen than usual, it just got simpler.

This expands on the two-factor authentication already in place for users, to further protect their accounts from unauthorized access and simultaneously make it easier for the account owner to use WhatsApp on multiple devices.

That’s not the only feature they’re launching. Version will also get rid of those notifications telling you when somebody leaves a group, which might be a nice privacy feature for those who like to make Irish goodbyes from their groupchats instead of stirring up a whole farewell scene. Instead, group admins and members will be able to see Past Participants, A.K.A. people who left the chat in the past 60 days. Group admins will still receive notifications when someone leaves the group.

Rumors suggest you may be able to preview reactions in your chat list in this update, too! These are just a few changes coming up in the next version, so you never know what cool new features they’ll announce in the future.

What This Means For You

The new and improved WhatsApp is still in beta testing, and will become available for all users after approval. The goal of login approvals is to reduce the risk of account compromise or data breaches. It requires you to confirm new devices before they can log in, adding a layer of protection against criminals using a form of two-factor authentication. It’s just another deterrent to cybercriminals working in conjunction with secure log-ins requirements, encryption, etc.

Features like this really capture why it’s crucial to update your applications as soon as new versions become available. They will be smarter, better equipped to handle digital threats and more capable of protecting your data.


A breach of your WhatsApp account would open your friends list up to phishing attacks and malware, compromise your names and risk other information like your email, phone number and location. Jump onto opportunities to update your apps so that you can have better peace of mind as you’re texting and talking to your loved ones.

Let this update open your mind to the possibilities of what features, for fun and for security, are packed into your next version updates for ALL of your apps.


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